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A Day in the Life of a Cake Smash Photographer

Today, we’re going to dive into the whimsical and messy world of cake smash photography. As a niche photographer based in Western Sydney for the past 19 years, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless memorable moments in the lives of little ones as they celebrate their first trip around the sun in the most delicious way possible.

Imagine this: a chubby-cheeked cutie, a beautifully decorated cake, and a sprinkle-covered studio. It’s a recipe for pure fun and mess! So, join me on this adventure as we explore a day in the life of a cake smash photographer.

7:00 AM: Rise and Shine!

The day begins with a strong cup of coffee, because, let’s be honest, who can function without it?  Oh and lots of cuddles with my cavoodle, Molly!  As a cake smash photographer, it’s important to be energized and ready to capture all the sweet moments that lie ahead.

8:00 AM: Preparing the Set

It’s time to get the studio ready for some sugary chaos. I hang colorful banners, set up adorable props, and make sure the lighting is just right to capture those beaming smiles and frosting-covered faces. It’s like transforming the studio into a mini-party wonderland!  I also ensure there are baby wipes, a bucket of warm soapy water and lots of face washers!

11:00 AM: Client Arrives

The guest of honor arrives at the Studio primed and picture-perfect, it’s time for the star of the show!  As I greet the little one and their family, I ensure everyone feels comfortable and at ease. After all, the key to capturing authentic and joyful moments is to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

11:15 AM: Ready, Set, Smash!

The cake is carefully placed on the background and we get started quite quickly, it’s a big day for little ones and they tire easily, so it’s important to not delay. It’s a momentous occasion, and the little one eyes the cake with anticipation. As they dig in, my camera becomes an extension of my arm, capturing every gleeful grin, frosting-covered hands, and those adorable moments of hesitation before they truly embrace the delicious mess, sometimes they don’t quite embrace it, and that’s ok too!

11.45 AM: Ready, Set, Splash!

Then it’s time for bubbles!!! Surrounded by a warm and inviting bubble bath, we clean your little one up as well as take extra photos in the process!  Taking home a clean, warm baby ready for a nap is the ultimate goal as you wind down your session at the Studio.

12:30 PM: Clean Up

It’s time for a much-needed cleanup. Trust me, things can get pretty messy! But seeing the joy and excitement on the faces of the little ones and their families makes it all worthwhile. Miss Molly is usually a wonderful little helper!  It takes about one hour to clean the Studio and remove all the greasy, sticky sweetness off the backgrounds!

1.30PM:  Lunch break

Quick lunch break before I get stuck into editing the images!

2:00 PM: Editing

Behind the Scenes Editing Back in the office, with another coffee, it’s time to work some editing magic. I select the best shots, enhancing the colors to make those cake-covered grins pop even more. It’s incredible how a simple photo can capture so much joy and create lasting memories.

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Order Meeting via ZOOM:

It’s time to share the photos with the excited families. Seeing their reactions as they relive those precious moments is priceless. And of course, spreading the joy doesn’t stop there—I showcase the session on my website and social media to inspire and attract new clients who want to capture these memorable moments for their little ones.  Once the client has chosen their images, I work on the final edits to bring out the magic and detail of every photo.  The order is then finalised and prepared according to the clients request and an exciting email or phone call is made to say the order is ready for collection!

And there you have it—a glimpse into the thrilling and messy world of a cake smash photographer. From transforming a studio into a wonderland to capturing those precious moments of cake-induced bliss, it’s a job filled with laughter, frosting, and unforgettable memories!